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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bread Pizza

Posting on behalf of a non-blogger to link up with my ongoing event 'Bachelor Cooking' :)

Participant Name: Megha Sharma

Recipe Name: Bread Pizza

Everyone loves pizza but it took some time to make it at home . if you want to eat pizza in less than 30 mins then try this "Bread Pizza" . It tastes even better than Pizza and those who dnt have oven can make it on tawa also. I love to make it on tawa . Now its your turn. Give it a try. 


For Bread--

2-3 slices of bread
1 Cup pizza Sauce.
1 Cup shredded cheese (Pizza cheese or grated cottage cheese both works equally good )
10-12 Jalapeno pepper 
10-12 Black Olives 
Salt (as per taste)
Chat masala (as per taste)
Red chilly powder (as per taste) 
Black Pepper powder (as per taste) 


1. Take a bread slice and toast it little.
2. Apply pizza sauce on it.
3. Now put one pinch of salt chat masala  red chilly powder and black pepper powder on it.
4. Place black olives and Jalapeno pepper on the bread slice.
5. Cover it with shredded cheese.
6. Now put it on tawa and toast it for 3-4 min.
7. Press the stuffing gently
8.Now carefully flip the bread slice (upside down)
9. The side of bread having stuffing is now on the tawa (Don't worry the stuffing will not come out) 
10 Let it grill for 2 minutes
11.Turn off the flame and bring the toast to the plate
12. Hot bread Pizza ready in 10 minutes.



I use all my left over cooked vegetables to make this bread pizza. Panner bhurji is the best one to make this recipe


* If you want you can apply some oil on the sides of the bread it helps in making it more crispy.

* You can use any vegetables of your choice.

* If you want to make it in Oven then Pre-heat the oven on 350 f . Grease your cookie sheet a little . place the bread slices on it and cook for 10-12 minutes.In this case no need to toast the bread first on tawa.

* This recipe gives you the taste like a grilled one.Ready in 10  minutes. Every one in your home will love it.
* Just don't worry about if you flip the toast your stuffing will come out . it will not come out . It is  a fun        making this toast :) 

Linking this entry to Shruti's Bachelor Cooking Event :) 

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