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Saturday, June 25, 2011


Last evening was WOW!!! Went to Penache wit a cute buddy after office hrs...

Open-air place... So silent... so beautiful! :)

Ordered Items:

Crispy Veggies
Qarare Paneer
Nanhi Subziyon ka Mela
Cheese Naan
Cheese Lasuni Naan

Crispy veggies wasn't as expected... It was more like 'dry manchurian' taste only... :P
Both the subzis we ordered were so delicious.... finger lickin gud!!!
I luved tat 2nd subzi wit baby vegetables in brown gravy :) So cute it was...

Hehe... usually I cant have more thn one butter roti... N wat I ordered for me was 'Cheese Lasuni Naan':P Couldn't finish tat, but as usual... Luved garlic flavor :D

Wanted to taste sumthin 4m biryani listin... but stomach wasnt supporting ;) 'M goin 2 get more coupons of Penache for sure... One time will go wit family... N one time will catch a friend again :P

Concludin above all, food was so yummy... I cudn't much concentrate on serious talk wit tat buddy ;) hehehe....

My Review:

Ideal for: Friends & Family + Parties...
Avg. for 2: Rs. 550-600 approx
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (Tis rating might change after my 2nd n 3rd visits) :P

Friday, June 24, 2011

Max Kitchen...

I went over thr last weekend... A very small cozy place on SG Highway!!! Menu was more abt non-veg/sea food, yet veg delicacies were not too less...

Wat all I had:
  • Lasuni Paneer Tikka
  • Cheese Butter Masala
  • Tandoori Roti
  • Veg. Biryani
Appetizer was simply fab! May b coz I luv garlic taste... :P
Subzi was lil sweeter, which obviously I didnt enjoy much! :(
Roti was soft enuf, so no more comments!!!
Veg. Biryani... it was tempting, even cudn't wait to click a pic n thn taste! Sorries...

Overall, food was ok! Not as expected...

My Review:

Total Capacity: 20-25 ppl (yet it was all booked for me tat day) ;)
Ideal for: Spending silent hours (coz u gotta wait long for ur order to be served)
Avg. for 2: Rs. 550-600 approx
Rating: 2 out of 5

Sunday, June 12, 2011

iKobo Sizzlers...

Finding a place where sizzlers are bein served is easier thn before... Yeah, search for d best is still on! Long awaited saturday came n finally got a chance 2 visit "iKobo sizzlers"...

Luved d ambience... only coz it was lil silent on saturday lunch!
Didnt get to have a luk @ appetizers wala page on menu... just to start wit sumthin, cousins ordered 'cheese chilly garlic sticks'.

Tis lunch was planned wit sum reason... :D
Tat didnt work as I was more concentrated workin on sizzler plates...

All tis while, aroma of tat sizzlin water-butter slurry was too tempting...

Ordered 2 of them...
  • Veg. Sizzler with baked beans noodles in garlic sauce
  • Veg. Sizzler with spaghetti & cheese sauce
Lil thick, brownish garlic sauce was yummy... Didn't much like d way it was served! Cudn't differentiate each item on plate... :(
Cheese sauce I didn't find nywhr on plate... It was all shredded cheese only... spaghetti I found lil sweet coz of cheese & tomato combination...

Former plate was better, atleast it was givin me raw garlic taste a lil :)!!!

Overall review:
  • Ideal for - Family
  • Avg. for 2 - Rs. 500 approx
  • Rating - 3 out of 5
UpperCrust still on top... :)

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