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Monday, April 14, 2014

System Review: Food Panda

I'm back with a wonderful thing to share!!! Who doesn't love a system which offers the service of food ordering... without tiring process... even without credit/debit card? 

I found one such website: Food Panda... Running all across the globe and if you ask where particularly in India, then lemme tell you... they've covered all major cities out there! Isn't it great? 

Enter a website URL, select your country, your area and food you want to explore... And you'll find a long list of restaurants around you from where you can order plenty of dishes!!! That's all what you have to do... 

I was surprised when I found my favorite eating joint (considered to be quite small in the city) with their Egg Bhurji n Aloo Paratha listed ;)

Some features in detail (I know you must have planned to order something just now, but wait a min if you want to know more about this amazing system):
  • It’s not only for India! They’ve their system running in nearly 40 countries :) Isn’t it great?
  • More than 3000 restaurants of India are included in their database.
  • They cover all cuisines for you to pick your favorite from…
  • Even many restaurants offer special discounts too… Don’t miss to subscribe to stay updated with those deals!
  • Detailed information of all restaurants i.e. open hours, delivery charges (if any), delivery time, min. order etc.
  • Complete menu of a restaurant with price listing, which can be added to your order from there and then only.
  • User reviews are allowed for helping others to order!
  • Not only that, they accept the payments online or a wonderful ‘Cash on Delivery‘ option is offered too!

Check out this website: 

And wait a min... It has to be mobile everytime ;) You can download an android or iphone application and process via that too. Link to download:

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Event with a Giveaway: "Only Cooking with Grains"

Do you believe in eating healthy food? If yes, then you must be knowing that grains being important sources of fiber, vitamins, minerals… you must include them in your daily diet! Well… true that some grains are healthier than others, but overall each one of them provides many nutrients which are essential for health. 
Whole grains like barley, buckwheat, corn, quinoa, rye etc. Refined grains get processed in a mill to remove the bran and germ from whole grains… Sad :( as the process also removes some amount of fiber, iron, and vitamins too!!! In any case, we’re using those refined grains which are widely accepted in form of flours also.
So, pick your grain, cook a dish and link up here!!!

Even though I’m a regular reader of Pari’s Space, I never had been a part of this ‘Only’ series! And so I wanted to grab a chance on the announcement itself… I had been waiting for my turn, and here I’m with you as a host of Pari’s Event of the month – “Only Cooking with Grains” :) Ahan… I’m definitely the one who strongly believe in staying healthy, enjoying deep-fried munchies or junk food at times is considerable though… But on a serious note, I love trying out different grains and different cuisines at the same time.
Do you have a collection of recipes, cooked with grains as a main ingredient? Here is something interesting for you to participate in…
Visit this link and start linking your entries from today itself!!! 

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