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Monday, April 14, 2014

System Review: Food Panda

I'm back with a wonderful thing to share!!! Who doesn't love a system which offers the service of food ordering... without tiring process... even without credit/debit card? 

I found one such website: Food Panda... Running all across the globe and if you ask where particularly in India, then lemme tell you... they've covered all major cities out there! Isn't it great? 

Enter a website URL, select your country, your area and food you want to explore... And you'll find a long list of restaurants around you from where you can order plenty of dishes!!! That's all what you have to do... 

I was surprised when I found my favorite eating joint (considered to be quite small in the city) with their Egg Bhurji n Aloo Paratha listed ;)

Some features in detail (I know you must have planned to order something just now, but wait a min if you want to know more about this amazing system):
  • It’s not only for India! They’ve their system running in nearly 40 countries :) Isn’t it great?
  • More than 3000 restaurants of India are included in their database.
  • They cover all cuisines for you to pick your favorite from…
  • Even many restaurants offer special discounts too… Don’t miss to subscribe to stay updated with those deals!
  • Detailed information of all restaurants i.e. open hours, delivery charges (if any), delivery time, min. order etc.
  • Complete menu of a restaurant with price listing, which can be added to your order from there and then only.
  • User reviews are allowed for helping others to order!
  • Not only that, they accept the payments online or a wonderful ‘Cash on Delivery‘ option is offered too!

Check out this website: 

And wait a min... It has to be mobile everytime ;) You can download an android or iphone application and process via that too. Link to download:

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