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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dangee Dums

Got to redeem a coupon I got a month back... Went to Dangee Dums last nite...!!!
Just entered inside n it was all chocolate aroma around... I was luvin it, I dnt much like it though... :) Ambiance was real gud...

Ordered Items:
  • Bruschetta Pizza
  • Peru Potato Skins
  • Falafel Pockets
  • Chocolate Mocha Tower
  • Overflowing crunchy Brownie
Food wasn't as expected... I'm not much used to have food tats very less spicy, might be the reason for tat!!!
Pizza.... Liked d flavor of it... but cheese wasn't really enjoyable... Cud have been better... :(
Peru potato skins... yummy it was, coz of its stuffin...
Falafel pockets........ never to order... I didnt like pita bread at all!!!

Ending was superb! Mocha tower.... too good to have :) N brownie, served wit vanilla ice cream was too hot... ;)

Ummmm, food was not tat gud... Visit only if u'r a chocolate lover!!! :(

My Review:
  • Ideal for: Friends n Friends only
  • Avg. for 2: Rs. 400-500 approx
  • Rating: 1.5 out of 5 (Rating will never for tis, as I'm not-at-all into chocos) :P

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