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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Souq Restaurant

My status on FB (few days back):

"Dinner @ Souq... Middle eastern ambience, arabic muzic, delicious food... n tat too wit a belly practitioner!!! Simply superb.... ;)"

Again got to redeem a snapdeal coupon... I took too long to decide a person who can b d best company for tis place...
N yeah... Got d one in-house!!!

All wat we ordered:
  • Cheese Manakeesh
  • Fusion Pasta
  • Moroccan Harissa Kebab
Startin in order... A flat bread wit loads of cheese on top, Cheese manakeesh tempted me wit aroma of Oregano!
Fusion pasta, too hot to have... but flavor was again my fav, Garlic one! Tis time I ordered it unknowingly only... :)
I read sumwhr on food reviews tat souq serves too gud grills...
Here they blundered... We were served non-veg kebabs at first... :P luved d veg version of tat though ;)

Won't complain against d quantity (I read so many ppl complainin abt tat) as it was much much much more thn enuf for 2 ppl ;) We cudn't finish d dishes we ordered!

SJ's Review:
  • Ideal for: Party wit frendz...
  • Avg. for 2: 400 approx
  • Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (Too many things yet to try)

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