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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Eggless Chocochips Cookies

Cookies… Cookies… Cookies… I enjoy being in my kitchen the most while making/after baking chocolate flavored cookies! And munching those freshly baked cookies serves to be the best goodies ever :)
I know I always stay loaded with 100s of topics ;) And to release that load, I definitely have to have special tea-sessions with friends/foodies!!! I used to bug my sister-in-laws back in India but here, mostly I get to trap hubby only… ;)
Just a fistful of chocolate chips was left in a pack, and thought of making something for a special tea-time, as I had to talk with hubby about my phone call with a dear friend – Shalvi :) Started making ‘Chocolate Chips Cookies’ @ around 4:30 pm n hubby arrived @ 5:15 pm… And I starteddddd my radio……

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