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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dishes by Friends n Family - 2

I love when anyone shares the pictures of their own cooking experiments (tried n tasted)!!! My family members n all near-dear friends keep posting them on my demand :)

Here I'm back with a glimpse of what 'Friends n Family' cooked since I posted Part - 1!!!

A brief overview of their dishes... 

Microwave Khaman: My cousin tried out my recipe for making it and an honest feedback 'It was better than a ready-to-cook pack'!!! :) I would say thanks for trying out the one!

Masala Puri: Drishti made these crispy munching to accompany a cuppa tea :) 

Cheese Frankie: RekhaAunty (my sister-in-law's mom) cooked this yummy and colorful looking frankie, which made me drool when I received a pic! :) It looks so tempting... Isn't it??

Fruit Punch: A very near-dear friend, Hitarthi made this chunky fruit punch when she wanted something to stay cool against scorching heat :)

Makke ki Roti n Sarson ka Saag: Oldie-goldie school buddy made this authentic North-Indian dish... I definitely would love to have her recipe :)

Cheesy Toast: A lovely cousin tried her hands on making this easy cheesy toast to have a quick-bite :) She hardly prefers cooking all by herself... so I would say, great efforts ;)

Corn Upma: Dipali (a very close family-friend) cooked this quick n healthy breakfast dish in microwave! I already received a brief recipe from her :)

Khaman Dhokla: It's definitely my mum's recipe of Dhokla as Drishti called her for the same :) If that's mum's version, must be better than mine :P

Banana-Walnut Cake: D2 made this to celebrate a special occasion... Gattu's 1/2 yr B'day!!! :) Yey... It's a party-time tonite! 

Semolina Cake: Here comes my dearest friend, my all-time chatter-companion ;) Shalvi baked this beautiful golden-brown colored Semolina cake n shared her reference recipe too! Unfortunately, on my experiment, I forgot that I had placed something in my oven :P By the time I realized, its base was burnt ;)

Masala Dosa: I hardly work on South-Indian dishes, as I feel it takes too long to work on :P Drishti made this crispy masala dosa last week!

Egg Bhurji: A gal realized she should have taken more pics of what she cooked when I asked her to share pics for this post.. Riddhi, a big time foodie made this scrambled eggs with chunky veggies!

Choco-Strawberry Muffins: A baking lover D2 made these for one of my visits to her place! Ewww... Too heavy main course didn't let me have a single bite even :( 

Green Chickpeas Curry: When Shalvi didn't have much of the ingredients handy, she thought of making this Rajasthani style curry for dinner!

Bombay Masala Sandwich: Who doesn't love street-food? Priyanka grilled this masala sandwich n served with onion-cabbage juliennes for a light dinner! :)

Hakka Noodles: My cousins (back in India) are Indo-Chinese food lovers! Drishti made this yummy spicy noodles for all of them :)

Supreme Cheese Nachos: Surprised or shocked??!!! Credit goes to Shrey for making, baking n garnishing this hot n spicy Mexican plate :) 

Microwave Khaman: A childhood friend, Mauli wanted to try my recipe of khaman since I posted... And here is her successful experiment :) 

PavBhaji: I was strictly instructed not to include this pic in the post, yet I've done it! AnupJiju made this yummy looking PavBhaji all by himself for his beautiful wife n daughter :) 

Lychee Paneer: My big brother (DJ) made this dish last week... They had it around a year back in my sister-in-law's baby shower :) I'm gonna try it out soon... 

Sweet Mango Chutney: A foodie, who's too lazy to click n share a pic of any dish (actually, she can't resist for 2 mins after the dish is ready) cooked this sweet-n-sour raw mango pickle to accompany her traditional Gujju dish!

Veggie Frankie: Kiran used her favorite veggie chunks and rolled them up with cheese to make a delicious cheese frankie :)

If you have pics of your cooking experiments, share them with 'SJ's Food Court' by an email... Happy Cooking!!! 



  1. lovely!!! it feels really nice when somebody tries ur recipe and sends a picture back to you... :)

    1. Thanks Rafeeda! But recipes for many of these I received from them as well :)


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