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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Spinach-Paneer Pizza

If I make a pizza in my kitchen and don't bring those authentic Indian flavors... It's useless ;) 

Expressions on my husband's face were worth-watching when I told him that I was making a 'Spinach-Paneer Pizza'!!! He definitely doubted to have a delicious dinner that time... :P But when he grabbed a 1st bite, I saw a big smile on his face... It was just too yummy to have! 

You too try this 'Indian' topping ingredients for your next pizza bake :)

Makes: 2


2 Soft-Pizza bases
1 cup Blanched Spinach
1/2 cup Paneer (cottage-cheese) Chunks
1/4 cup Boiled Corn
1 cup Pizza Sauce
1 cup Pizza Cheese
1/4 tsp Kasoori Methi (crushed)
1/4 tsp Kitchen King
Salt, to taste


- Heat a teaspoon of olive oil in pan. Add paneer chunks with a pinch of salt and kitchen king masala into it. Toss it well with spices.
- Turn off the heat in a min and transfer to another bowl. Let it cool down to room temp.
- Chop the spinach into strips and add it into bowl along with boiled corn. Mix everything well. 
- Take a soft-pizza base and spread 1/2 cup pizza sauce evenly over it.
- Arrange 1/2 of the topping mixture onto it. 
- Sprinkle 1/2 cup pizza cheese over it and then kasoori methi. Repeat the same process for another pizza.
- Bake them in preheated oven for around 12-15 mins on 200 degrees. 


- Blanching: It's a cooking technique where an element is kept into boiling water for around 2-3 mins. 

Follow the same process for spinach. Drain excess water after that and rinse with chilled water to retain the green color or spinach.


  1. Looks like you are on a pizza marathon :) looks inviting n perfect

  2. This is my favorite food. Looks really great pizza.

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  3. Very unique recipe :) Lovely clicks !!

  4. Great, I didn't think that We can make pizza with palak and paneer at home. nice.


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