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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Happy to announce...

Hello Foodies / Friends / Followers,

Here is a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT from SJ's Food Court! :)

Just a month left to complete 3 years in this food-blogging world... I recall a day when I created this blog on 24th September, 2010 with no intense of being so passionate about it!!! I started posting my cooking experiments just to share with a bunch of my friends... 

Since a break in professional career with IT industry', I concentrated pretty much on SJ's Food Court and I can clearly see what I have got!!! 

Got connected to lots of food-bloggers around... Followed many great food blogs... Felt motivated seeing support from Facebook fans... Joined few groups to improve my skills... Showcased my recipes on 2 culinary platforms... And most importantly, received heartfelt appreciation from friends n family... :)

Feeling so happy!!! Expecting to continue this lovely rapport I share with all of you :) Celebration time starts now... 

Very very very happy to announce a step ahead from myside... 

Welcoming you all to join me at Cooking with SJ, my new cooking space from today on wards!!! 

Join me there by following me by email and facebook. Will appreciate your email subscription on  :) 

Visit me soon and provide your feedback on all the recipes/pages you like! 

And yes.... How can I forget to mention this on grand celebration??!!! 

A 1st food-event with a giveaway will be announced on 'Cooking with SJ' soon... very soon :) :) :) 

Thanks once again for your support!!! See you there... 

Lots of love,



  1. congrats...years to go...happy hosting the event and will try to be a part once announcement is made

  2. Wow! Congratulations Shruti.. Wish you much more success for your upcoming posts.. Off to your new space now.. Hugsxx


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