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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kitchen Tidbits

Have you ever thought of your eating-habits??!!! I had/have a few weird ones related to food, I try managing in unfavorable situations though... 

- I love eating with spoons! Strange...? Yes.. I keep a spoon handy even when it's simply a roti-subzi on plate :P

- My near-dear ones suggest me not to eat rice if no-spoon is available and there are too many people around... :( A reason behind that is... I fail every time in eating rice with my finger-tips, without spoiling it! And yeah... I get successful when I let all my fingers to do the same job :P

- I always love having pizza/pasta without ketchup as a topper! My view... it spoils the flavors of toppings and cheese :)

- I love 'Sankalp' and every time I go with family, I love ordering a new typo Uttapam! My dad will see excitement on my face while ordering it... And he'll see me again when I'm half-done with it :P I can never finish the whole Uttapam! 

- Whenever I had my exams on shoulder, the only sigh of relief I used to get was the food-breaks. I enjoyed bhel, omelette with a cuppa kavah! Maggi was all-time a backup plan... :)

- I always hate sugar in any Indian Gravy! May be 'coz I feel, it ruins the richness of Indian Spices :) Or possibly the other reason is, I don't like sweetsssss.... I keep low sugar-level even in my 'Cakes & Bakes' experiments! :P

You might get "???!!!!" too many question n exclamation marks in your mind... But lemme ask you, are you possessive about YOUR kitchen??!!! Well, I am... 

- I keep all kitchen tools, appliances, containers n rest of all items where I want them to be... My husband keeps suggesting few good things to make my work easier in kitchen and yes, I implement it.

- I always loved spices that I use in my recipes, to be arranged my way! Even my mum wasn't supposed to change its place... Later on, I used to keep my special spices in separate box at in-laws too... & believe me, nothing is changed yet! :P

- I always prefer keeping my kitchen pantry up-to-date and I am very selective in case of grocerry! I get so irritated when someone else suggests me changes in my pantry!!!!!!!!! Huh... never acceptable.

- I always feel a little scared when I want to make something that I have never tasted... but that doesn't change my mindset to eat-out first :) I will experiment for sure... but will ask my husband for a quick n honest review after the first bite itself :P

- I love my food-containers & dining sets!!! :D Each piece of them is very special to me... 

It's now time to head for another cooking session.... :)

That's me, my food and my kitchen!!! How about you?? ADD YOURS TIDBITS IN COMMENT SECTION HERE...

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